About Mintz + Hoke

It’s easier if we start with what we don’t do. We don’t do easy. That means the challenges we take on as an advertising agency are tough, the standards we hold our creative and media placements are even tougher and the entire office was assembled using a single Allen wrench and some illustrations as a guide. Now for what we do: We work hard. We listen to customers and develop killer strategies to address their needs. We turn those strategies into brands, ads, websites, interactive banners, public relations and social media campaigns, media plans and a plethora of other things.

During this whole process, we share concepts, scrap them and share new ones. We survive on caffeine and pizza during late night sessions. We scrutinize every pixel, comma and Pantone® color to ensure our clients get marketing that works. And we get up and do it all over again the next day. Why? Because we also inspire each other to learn and grow; we insist on a healthy balance of work and play; and we genuinely love working together on our clients’ behalves.

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What employees say

“I love the people I work with and enjoy my work. ”
“I am respected and allowed to do really great work. My ideas matter and my contributions are always accepted. ”
“The workplace environment is very inviting and helps foster new ideas.”
“The work we produce is very satisfying.”
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