About COCC

COCC provides complete core processing services for banks and credit unions in the northeastern United States. Our cooperative approach to IT service is redefining the industry by giving our clients a voice in determining their technology future and a highly-committed partner to help them execute their strategic plans. COCC was founded by clients in 1967 to give them control over the features, cost and quality of their IT services. Our cooperative ownership structure continues to support this goal and to generate success for COCC and its clients today.

Our breakthrough innovation – core processing apps – has accelerated the pace of innovation at COCC client institutions, giving them a decided advantage in the market for financial services.

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What employees say

“COCC is a company that really takes care of its customers and employees, which makes it really easy to take pride in working here. ”
“COCC is the best place to grow and to build a career.”
“COCC management motivates its employees to strive for success, and rewards them for being the face and voice of the company.”
“Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to grow.”
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