About Darling Consulting Group

For over 30 years, Darling Consulting Group (DCG) has been the recognized leader in providing balance sheet risk management analyses, strategies and solutions to the U.S. banking industry. Our 600+ clients include a broad array of community banks and credit unions, as well as many of the country’s 100 largest banks. In addition to our balance sheet management consulting and education, DCG provides in-depth risk model validations and independent reviews of risk management processes. We also deliver capital planning, credit stress testing and strategic planning services.

Our large bank group also provides specialized model validation and model risk management services for a variety of financial risk models, including DFAST (Dodd-Frank Act) related credit stress testing. We have a suite of on-line state-of-the-art decision support tools including deposit base analytics, loan portfolio analytics and liquidity management/planning. DCG’s thought leadership is reflected in its many speaking engagements, webinars, published articles and quoted commentary on important industry topics.

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What employees say

“They treat us as adults. They listen to suggestions and ask for opinions.”
“They make me feel that my contribution to the company is meaningful and valued!”
“I am intellectually challenged every day and I get to work with people I truly care about.”
“I feel like they treat everyone like family.”
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