Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating and being named to a Top Workplaces list?

  • Your company will be recognized in a special edition of the partner newspaper and receive an online profile on TopWorkplaces.com
  • Becoming a Top Workplace is a great way to attract and retain the best talent
  • Your company can use the Top Workplaces logo on company materials and websites to help spread the word about your work environment

Energage assesses your ‘organizational health’. Our research shows that the core elements of organizational health are what employees value most in the workplace and that organizations with high levels of organizational health outperform their peers. To find out more read the program overview.

Are there any costs to participating?

  • Surveying: There is no cost for surveying employees online.
  • If paper surveys are needed for employees that do not have a company email address, there is a fee of $1.75 per paper survey to cover the costs of printing, postage and scanning. In addition there are two optional extras which also have a fee:
  • Results upgrade packages (optional): For companies that wish to have more in-depth access to survey results, we offer a number of upgrade packages.
  • Advertising in supplement (optional): The partner newspaper will ask companies that are named to the list if they would like to promote their employer brand in the Top Workplaces supplement.

What does my organization need to do to participate?

Contact Energage to register. A trained account representative will be assigned to you to guide you through the process, and will set you up with a login and password to access our secure site where you will be able to carry out the following requirements:

  • Agree to the participation terms.
  • Provide us with the number of paper surveys you require (if any) and the email addresses of employees. All information collected is kept confidential and NEVER shared or sold - see participation terms.
  • We recommend that you send us a list of departments.
  • We recommend that prior to the start of the survey you circulate a communication to employees to let them know about the program (we provide a template for this).
  • If you require paper surveys, we will send the paper surveys to one point of contact. We ask you to distribute these to the required employees.
  • We recommend that you complete a short Company Questionnaire to help with your company profile for the publication and website should you be named to the list.

How many employees would we need to survey?

Your company must employ at least 50 employees in the Baltimore metro area to be eligible.

Will surveys be available in Spanish?

Only paper surveys are available in Spanish. If paper surveys are needed in other languages, your account representative will work with you to fulfill your needs.

How are surveys distributed?

We provide access to an online survey or provide paper surveys (or a combination of both).

  • Online survey: If you provide us with your email addresses, we can send a link to the online survey directly to your employees. Each survey has a unique survey code which makes the process more robust as each employee only has access to one survey code and can therefore only complete the survey once.
  • Paper survey: We can send you the appropriate number of paper surveys and postage-paid reply envelopes to a point of contact. We would ask you to distribute the surveys to the employees that require one.

Are individual employee survey responses confidential?

Yes, Energage takes confidentiality extremely seriously. Without confidentiality, this survey would not provide the candid feedback which makes the results so valuable. We only show survey results that are the aggregate of at least 6 employees. For certain results views we require 12 responders (to display the department associated with a comment) and 30 responders (to show a heatmap).

Your company’s survey results are not shared with any third party.

How are employee email addresses used?

We have surveyed over two million employees via email and have never and will never release a single email address to another party or use a survey-taker's email address for any purpose other than inviting the individual to take the workplace survey.

Is there a minimum response rate required?

A 35% response rate is required to be considered for Top Workplaces designation. For organizations with less than 85 employees, 30 survey responses are required.

If our company is not named to the Top Workplaces list, will our company name ever appear anywhere stating that we participated?

No, we keep the names of participants confidential. Only the names of participants that make the Top Workplaces lists are shared with the partner newspaper.

Are there any participation terms and conditions?

Yes, there are a set of terms that are aimed at laying out the rules, and protecting your confidentiality. Please click here to see the Participation Terms.